A Life Well Dressed


A LIFE WELL DRESSED is an online destination providing “Well made goods inspired by the well dressed” featuring crafted product from American designers.  Created by designer and D.C. native Michael Warren, ALWD has grown to highlight creative professionals through the analog film series MAN . A LIFE WELL DRESSED.

The series was created originally as an online series but the designer formed a partnership with Brooklyn based photographer and film enthusiast, Laurent Chevalier to capture the series exclusively through analog cameras.  The two believe to have crafted a visual series that is the intersection of style and intellect.  The ambition is to explore life influences of creative professionals centered around the characteristics of being Well Thought, Well Read, Well Spoken, Well Groomed and Well Dressed creating a genuine dialog through the art of film photography.


MT56 Inc. ALWD

1357 Broadway
STE 202
NY, NY 10010