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FotoDC’s mission is to provide exposure for photographers and to make diverse, high-quality photography accessible to audiences through the exhibition of inspiring and provocative images, dynamic programming, and collaborations with the local and international community.

Whether through fine art photography, photojournalism, or the work of emerging artists, FotoDC provides a dynamic, evocative, engaging experience for photographers, cultural institutions, galleries, curators, schools, area residents, and tens of thousands of viewers. Founded as FotoWeekDC in 2008, the weeklong photography festival initially attracted 20,000 participants; including professional and amateur photographers, photography lovers, and partners such as National Geographic, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Smithsonian Institution, and various local art galleries. In 2009, the organization received non-profit status and began developing programs to include professional development and new exhibition venues. In response to demand for year-round programming, FotoWeek DC rebranded in 2011 to become FotoDC, and launched new programs to provide greater exposure for all photographers, new venues for exhibitions and new programs for students and youth. The annual Festival in November continues to be FotoDC’s largest project with over 40,000 attendees each year.

Board of Directors

E. Brady Robinson - Chair

Carolyn Russo
Museum Specialist/Photographer at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Theo Adamstein
Founder - FotoWeekDC

Festival Producers

Svetlana Legetic, Festival Executive Producer & Programming Coordinator

Curatorial Committee

Josh Cogan  /  Travel Photographer and Filmmaker

Monica Corcoran  /  Director of Your Shot at National Geographic Society

Bill Crandall  /  Photography Instructor and Photographer

Wendy Grossman  /  Curatorial Associate at The Phillips Collection

Erin Haney  /  Associate at University of Johannesburg, curator and author.

Muriel Hasbun  /  Professor and Program Head of Photography at the Corcoran School of Art and Design at George Washington University; Photographer

Kathryn Keane  /  Vice President of Exhibitions at National Geographic Society

Jacquelyn Martin  /  Staff Photographer at the Associated Press; Acting Director of the Women Photojournalists of Washington 

Caitlin Teal Price  /  Fine Art Photographer; Photography Professor

Molly Roberts  /  Senior Photography Editor, National Geographic Magazine

Susan Soroko  /  Director of Creative Economy at Arlington Economic Development

Curatorial Committee: FotoFilm

Michael S. Pollack / Founding Curator, Collector

Vikki Tobak / Founding Curator, Independent Arts Consultant and Writer

Advisory Board

Peter Abrahams  /  Publisher DC Magazine, D.C. Modern Luxury

Chris Addison  /  Partner, Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Chantal Attais  /  Entrepreneur; Philanthropist; Photo Enthusiast

John Brown  /  Photographer; Conference Management, National Research Council

Kay Chernush  /  Professional Photographer, Chernush Photography

David Ford / Business Advisor & Attorney

Paul Fetters  /  Photographer & Co-President Emeritus, ASMP DC Chapter

Angela Fox / President  /  CEO of the Crystal City BID

Peter Garfield  /  Photographer, Garfield Studio Inc.

Stacy Gold  /  Editor, National Geographic Image Collection

Larissa Leclair  /  Photography Writer, Curator, and Collector

Robert Lehrman  /  Collector and Philanthropist

Michael Mansfield  /  Media Arts

Lucian Perkins  /  Photographer

Steve Sumberg  /  Real Estate

Sonny Tohan  /  President, Mac Business Solutions




1050 17th Street, NW Suite #560
Washington, D.C. 20036

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