125th and Lexington: an exhibition of photographic images and films by New York based artist Khalik Allah
Presented by RandallScottProjects, with Michael Pollack/Vikki Toba and FotoDC

We're proud to announce another amazing FotoFilm event, this time at Area 405 in Baltimore. This opening party on Friday, May 8th will be kicking off a exhibition of "Harlem's official Street photographer" Khalik Allah's work, and a screening of his documentary "Field Niggas" at the Maryland Film Festival.



Public Hours: 
May 8th Noon-10pm
May 9th Noon-8pm

Area 405
(405 E. Oliver St, Baltimore MD, 21202)

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Opening Night Party Details
Friday, May 8th
6 pm - 10 pm

Area 405
(405 E. Oliver St, Baltimore MD, 21202)


Maryland Film Festival Screening

"Field Niggas"
Presented and Hosted by Khalik Allah
Date & Time TBD

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About Khalik Allah

Self taught photographer and filmmaker Khalik Allah has spent the better part of the past three years documenting the marginalized inhabitants of 125th Street at Lexington Avenue into the early hours of the morning. His subjects, the drug addicted and homeless, as well as the residents and those just hanging out on the corner are bathed in the luminescence of available storefront neon and fluorescent lights. Allah moves his subjects in and out of the shadows throwing deep chiaroscuro and saturated colors while accentuating the streams of smoke from the substance of choice on the street, K2. The images are dramatic and often graphic.

Not your typical documentary, Allah’s film “Field Niggas” derives its title from a speech given by Malcolm X describing a social structure in slavery. The “field nigga” was the most impoverished and ill-treated of slaves. Allah’s subjects are that, the cast aside and looked down upon, however instead of taking an objective documentary route Allah involves himself in the lives of the people he films and photographs. He identifies with his subjects, spends time with them at ground level. It is this relationship that forms trust with the people on this corner and grants him such intimate access.

Allah’s images are a reminder of the harshness a life on the street can be, but at the same time, Allah’s photographs and films create beauty, both visually and in the way his subjects exude happiness for life and for those around them. Allah’s willingness to enter their lives and accept them without judgment makes these images so powerful.