Join these outstanding National Geographic Explorers, Filmmakers, and Photographers as they share their adventures and work during FotoWeekDC!

Saturday November 12th | 7:30pm
She is a skilled mountain climber. He is an accomplished cave explorer. Together they are harnessing new technology to defy borders and redefine the meaning of community. Join National Geographic adventurers and photographers Becca Skinner and Robbie Shone as they share how social media is helping them show you some of the world’s hidden wild spaces.

Sunday November 13th | 7:30pm
Experience the breadth of National Geographic storytelling in a series of six short films by and about our explorers and photographers. Curated in partnership with the National Geographic Short Film Showcase.

Wednesday November 16 | 7:30pm
Veteran National Geographic photographer Cory Richards uses his camera to share a fascinating personal journey of struggle and redemption, using stories set against some of the planet’s most tantalizing backdrops: Antarctica, Russia, the Okavango Delta, the jungles of Burma, and Mt. Everest.

Friday November 18 | 7:30pm
Photographer Robin Hammond shares how platforms like Instagram are making it possible to amplify important stories and connect with audiences like never before—revolutionizing how we capture and consume world-changing photography

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