Critical Exposure

Photo Credit: Jamie Windon

Photo Credit: Jamie Windon

Critical Exposure’s mission is to teach youth how to use the power of photography and their own voices to become effective advocates for school reform and social change. We are developing a new generation of civic leaders that has: the creativity to imagine new solutions to old problems; the belief that youth have the right and the agency to fight for those solutions; and the skills to hold communities and public officials accountable.

Since our founding in 2004, we have served over 1,800 students and those students have helped secure more than $500 million in new resources and improvements for public schools. Our rallying call has been to help youth create lasting change at the individual, school-wide, and citywide levels. By empowering low-income youth, we are building their confidence, developing their belief that their experiences and ideas are meaningful to the larger community, and giving them the tools for a lifetime of civic engagement.

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