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Encore Reception: Photography @ Touchstone

  • Touchstone Gallery 901 New York Ave NW Washington, DC, 20001 United States (map)

Photo by Mary D. Ott

Photo by Mary D. Ott



Harvey Kupferberg, Mike Lang, Cathy Leaycraft, Rosemary Luckett, Pete McCutchen, Newton More, Mary D. Ott

Encore Reception: Thursday, November 20, 6-8:30pm 

Surfaces, Masks and Simulations. Touchstone photographers explore a multilayered world where texture, color, and shape reveal or hide realities taken for granted.

Harvey Kupferberg will present a series of landscapes. His extensive background in chemistry guides him in his experiments with exposure and development techniques.

Michael Lang, a social documentary photographer, has created a photo essay about drag queens, exploring the illusion and how it is created.  Two of these images are presented at Touchstone Gallery for Fotoweek DC.

The overwhelming beauty and abundance in nature gives Cathy Leaycraft hope that the living, breathing earth will triumph over human carelessness. When she looks closely at our planet's many forms and colors, Leaycraft is fascinated. Each subject she chooses poses for her in all its glory.

Rosemary Luckett combines and manipulates her photographs into surreal photo collage landscapes to amplify a thought or tell a story. She pairs tables with hills, chickens with tidal pools and giraffes with ladders, each connecting the actions of humans to a diminishing diversity of life.

Pete McCutchen: Yellowstone National Park sits atop a volcano so large that the entire caldera can only be seen from space. In this exhibit, Pete McCutchen turns his lens to the forms, shapes, and colors found in the Yellowstone thermal areas.  

Newton More uses a pinhole camera to create a multi-framed rendition of objects, landscapes, and, in this case, ruins in England.  

When Mary D. Ott creates an image of a tree, she often seeks to produce an image with a gestural quality similar to that of figure studies. Her work starts with digital photographs that she print using one of a number of print media such as paper lithography, photogravure, and screenprinting. Mary will be exhibiting paper lithographs in “Photography@Touchstone.”

For more information contact Ksenia Grishkova, Director, 202-347-2787 or email