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Logan FotoTalk: Bego Antón

  • FotoWeekCentral 2801 16th Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20009 United States (map)
Photo Credit © Bego Antón

Photo Credit © Bego Antón

Everybody Loves To ChaChaCha

Musical Canine Freestyle is a choreographed performance in which a dog and a human move to music together. They choose a song they both like and a costume that matches the lyrics. They dance in unison, as dancing partners. They weave, jump, bow, spin, roll, walk backwards, forward or move diagonally. And sometimes, the bond between them is so strong that they enter the pink bubble, that dimension where they become one being and the rest of the world disappears.

Everybody Loves To ChaChaCha  on display at FotoWeek Central during the festival. It is organized by SPAIN arts & culture in collaboration with ISCP (International Studio and Curatorial Program), VEGAP and the Etxepare Basque Institute.