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  • Union Market 1309 5th Street Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)


A simple but powerful reassurance to our black boys and men that even though it feels like they are being murdered and destroyed constantly, they’re still a part of a larger community that loves and supports them.

WE LOVE YOU is a photo series with a mission to photograph over 1,000 Black males of all ages. The aim is to bring a good feeling to us and to show the world who we are – show them who they're killing. We're hurting and don't know what the solution is. So many people will be quick to meet violence with violence but that only makes matters worse. I feel like media has painted a picture of how they think we are and this is a way to set that straight. 

This is as much an art project as it is a form of protest. Not everyone will want to march, but a portrait in solidarity with hundreds of other historically misrepresented people can inspire a change relevant to this time period. With technology at our fingertips, we can all determine what’s news worthy with a simple social media post.

The images we see in main stream media depict us as less than human – thugs, suspects, and even more, dead and discarded. These are the images that brainwash us into believing there is truth behind them. We’re not worthless. We’re not trash. We’re someone’s son, brother, cousin, uncle, or father. We’re HUMAN! 

Through the art of photography we can see just how human and how special we really are. Images can be powerful reinforcements. They can be examples of who we are and aspire to be. WE LOVE YOU, will share portraits of the Black boys and men in our communities showing each other as well as the world that we’re not only human and should be treated as such but we’re LOVED.