FotoBazaar 2014 Official Rules


By purchasing a registration ticket for FotoBazaar 2014 you agree to the following rules and regulations.



Sponsor is FotoDC, Inc., a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of photography's role in our world by recognizing photographic excellence, and ensuring that the celebration of this powerful medium is an accessible and inclusive experience.

FOTOWEEK DC, 1050 17th Street, NW Suite 560 Washington, DC 20036.



Photographers retain ownership of copyright to their work. The photographer grants FotoWeekDC the rights to use said image for promotion of Fotoweek DC, for future FotoBazaar programs and for other FotoDC purposes only for a period of five (5) years from the date of entry. The copyright remains solely with the photographer. At any time photographers' images are used for the purposes as stated, photographers will be credited for the image. FotoWeekDC will in no way grant usage to any third party or use said image for any purpose other than for promotion of FotoDC itself.



You may sell your work and you determine the prices and the nature of the transaction with the buyer. As FotoDC has elected not to receive a commission on the work (maximum benefit to photographers) and has no knowledge of the sales, FotoDC Inc. assumes no responsibility for any sales transaction. All details need to be worked out with the buyer, including method of payment and shipping.

We encourage a print sign or logo with your name and contact info to be placed on the wall in your exhibit space, so potential buyers can reach you if you are not always present at your showing.



FotoBazaar begins with the accepting of early-bird registration on October 13, 2014 and ends when all available spots are sold out. Because FotoBazaar is open to all, unjuried, and has limited spaces, it will sell out fast! Don't delay in registering for your spot. Please note, that initially, only registration and payment is required to reserve your exhibition space.



Early-bird registration will start at $65 and will increase every week by $10 until we are sold out.



All photographers (regional and from out of town) are eligible, but must be 18 or older. Professionals, emerging and amateur photographers are welcome! Dealers and galleries are not eligible for FotoBazaar.



51 N Street NE, Washington, DC 20002. Space provided by JBG Companies.



Monday, October 13 through Sunday, October 19 - Early Bird Registration (pricing will go up by $10 every week)


Monday, November 10th, 11am to 8pm - Pick Your Spot Day!


Wednesday, November 12th, 11am to 8pm - Installation (by you)


Friday, November 14th, 6:30pm to 10:00pm - Opening Party!


Saturday, November 15th, 10am to 6pm -  FotoBazaar Day 1 (Free to the public)


Sunday, November 16th, 10am to 6pm - FotoBazaar Day 2 (Free to the public)


Monday, November 17th, 11am to 8pm - Deinstallation (by you)



Each photographer must insure their own work - FotoDC will not be responsible for damage to work while on display at FotoBazaar. The building owners require us to carry insurance coverage for damage to the premises, but it would be impossible to insure thousands of photographs of unknown value. By registering for FotoBazaar and exhibiting, you acknowledge this requirement. Please insure your work!!



There are no specified categories. We have few restrictions regarding work for display and we encourage photographers to submit (in any subject) your most interesting, powerful and exciting images. We encourage work in the areas of: Photojournalism, Fine Art, Travel, Portraits, Nature, Commercial and others but you are free to submit work of any subject matter.



By registering and submitting your work to FotoBazaar, you acknowledge that FotoDC reserves the right to exclude work that the organization, in its sole discretion, deems to be unsuitable for this exhibition. You also acknowledge that FotoDC will not insure the FotoBazaar exhibited work and the exhibitor will be responsible for insurance coverage at the appropriate level and for any damage that may be incurred.



Each space is reserved for a single photographer and more than one photographer may not show in the allocated 4’ X 8’ space.  If a number of photographers would like to be shown side-by-side, you may come early on Monday, November 10 (Pick your Spot Day) and try to reserve your individual spaces next to each other. This is not guaranteed and its on a first come-first served basis.

Unmounted/unframed work is acceptable and you can present your work in any print form you choose. We have a size restriction of 48” in width, but height could be up to 96”. You may show as many pieces as will fit in your space -  approximately 32 sq. ft. or 4’ X 8’ tall. Projected work and projectors, as well as work requiring power cords, are not permitted. Supplemental lighting that requires an electrical outlet is not permitted.

In most areas of FotoBazaar, work must be attached by picture hooks that make small holes in the walls. Velcro, 3M tape and other adhesive fasteners will not be allowed. These destroy the sheetrock during removal. You will be responsible for repairing any damage if velcro, 3M tape, or other adhesive fasteners are used. Very large, heavy pieces must be attached with picture hooks as the walls cannot receive any kind of blocking or additional support for the work.

FotoDC will NOT provide picture hooks, hanging putty, hammers, step stools or ladders or anything related to setup or takedown. All materials and equipment must be brought by exhibitors to complete the installation and the de-installation.



You may bring a chair on the weekend, but no tables or other furniture or equipment may be brought into the space. We expect a large crowd at the opening party on Friday the 14th, and chairs will not be permitted that night.



We encourage photographers to have a simple sign, listing your name, web address and contact information. The nature and design of the sign is up to you. The sign can be hung on the wall in your exhibit space, so potential buyers can reach you if you are not always present at your showing.



You may remove your work on Sunday, November 16th from 6pm-7pm, but not sooner. We recommend you have bubble wrap and tape on hand to make it easier to carry your work to your vehicle. If you choose not to deinstall on Sunday, all work must be removed from the space on Monday, November 17th between the hours of 11am and 8pm. FotoDC will not be responsible for work left in the space after November 17th and will not have access to the space after that date.