Visionary Wild

Visionary Wild is a photographic experiences provider, producing world-class workshops and expeditions for the passionate photographer. Founded in early 2011, Visionary Wild is the brainchild of Justin Black, a nature photographer who was the long-time General Manager, Curator, and workshops director at Galen Rowell’s Mountain Light Photography, and Barry Andrews, a passionate amateur photographer and entrepreneur with extensive expertise in brand and product development. Together, they launched Visionary Wild to provide mentorship experiences that open new pathways to photographers who have done the seminars, taken the standard workshops, and who are looking for new opportunities to move their work to the next level of quality, depth, purpose and meaning. 

Visionary Wild mentors are carefully chosen from among the very finest photographers working today for their skill and generosity as teachers, welcoming and gregarious personalities, and dedication to effectively sharing, with every participant, the benefits of their expertise, insights, and unique vision developed over decades of professional experience. We work in settings that are rich with photographic opportunity; conducive to experimentation, discovery, and growth; and encouraging to positive group dynamics and bonding. Our expertise in workshop and expedition logistics is applied to organizing itineraries, field locations, lodging, catering, and support amenities that best serve the program in question and deliver a superb experience overall. We also aim to help our participants photograph with purpose by identifying and facilitating outlets for their work, as well as create mechanisms to facilitate ongoing communication, growth, richness, and vitality for our community of friends and colleagues. We invite you to join us on the journey!


Justin Black
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